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Currently we operate 19 of our own commercial bus services and carry over 1200 pupils to school in the communities in Swale. Our school drivers all have current DBS check.

We serve the following secondary schools: Borden Grammar, Fulston Manor, Highsted Grammar, Oasis Academy, Sittingbourne Community College and Westlands. From the Isle of Sheppey and Upchurch and Lower Halstow

We serve the following Primary Schools from the Isle of Sheppey to Iwade, Bobbing, Westlands Primary, Minterne, South Avenue, Murston Infant School and Regis Manor.

We accept Kent County Council YPTP passes. Daily and weekly fares can be bought on the bus. Please call the office for current prices.

We offer an early service and after school service for those who have after schools clubs and activities.

View our timetables here:

2017 Sheppey to Sittingbourne

The Oasis Academy - 373 Service

372 Service

Behaviour and Banning Policy click here

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Year 6 Transfer

Please complete this form to receive your free travel to your chosen Sittingbourne School for Year 6 transfer.

Date/s of transfer:

All forms must be completed and returned two weeks before date of travel, in order to allow time for processing. Passes will be taken back to your Primary School to be handed out.

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